iPod in Tescos

I had to go to Tesco’s yesterday to get the usual Christmassy crap plus nappies and food for Jack. I hate Tescos, unless it’s quet. I waited until as late as possible (about 9.30pm) before I went down. It was packed. Luckily with my iPod I was able to blank out the awful Christmas muzak and it got me round the store. Nobody seemed that pissed off, which is unusual for a busy supermarket.
I picked up some beer, and got in the checkout queue at about 10.55pm. I didn’t get served until 11.30pm, so I couldn’t buy the beer (licensing laws). Great. I also didn’t get the (Tesco’s chinese) takeaway for my tea because they didn’t have any. And I didn’t get home until almost midnight. Ugh.
Thank God for iPod.