Up and away

Day 248
I’m off to Turkey tomorrow for the European Triathlon AG Championships in Alanya. I’ll be racing in the standard distance event on Friday morning, and I’m looking forward to having a good crack at it. I think my form is coming around, and Friday will be a test of my training over the last x months since breaking my clavicle last year. I think my training has gone well, so with some luck I might be able to squeeze out a good effort and a respectable performance to go with it.

The sea swim will be wetsuit free by the looks of it, and Alanya looks like a top destination for triathlon. I’m reliably informed that top events have been running there for donkey’s years. I imagine the running will be great, and will have a little look at the biking when I get there.
For once I’m actually looking forward to sitting around on trains and in airports for a day. As busy as I’ve been it’s unusual to have time to sit around doing nothing so will appreciate it for what it is. I’m usually well looked after at these things, and after my experiences last year (I was surprised by how much fun I had) I’m very chilled out right now. My bike is packed (am trying not to think about how fragile my disk wheel is) and I’ll bung some kit in my race bag in a bit. I don’t feel any pressure to perform; just a little anxiety about whether all my kit will get there intact. Last year was so strong for me in triathlon results and academic work that I can’t hope to top that year in, year out. Academically this year is going pretty well though…
See you in the sun.