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I broke my shoulder a couple of months ago, not that you’d notice unless you had a look at my naked collar. I’m running, swimming and cycling as before (somewhat slower but this is the time of year for slow). Broken bones break up your racing but a good break heals well if you’re sensible. One (sporting) year ends as another (academic) year has begun. I might have slowed down in one area of life, but another is motoring on as ever. Onwards, if not upwards.

My first book is in print, in shops, in libraries, and in students’ hands. My second book is in preparation, and agreements and alliances have been made. On the one hand I’m trying to find time to sit and do nothing, but on the other I’m looking forward to creating. I’m very jealous of Kevin McCloud’s Man Made Home; his cabin in the woods off grid, but that’s for another life stage I think. As most know, I find it hard to not be busy, but not being busy for a period might be good for me. I haven’t stopped for a long time.

There’s a lot I want to do, for this blog and for other people and things, but there are a lot of things I must do first. Priorities, eh?

It’s nice not having to go fast. You can’t go fast all the time. Right now I struggle even to imagine fast. All I can do right now is slow and steady (in work and sport). Low pace, high volume (yeah, I’m still talking work and sport).