Garmin swim data

Look at this, the Garmin 910XT works really well for me in the pool:
Garmin 910Xt Steady Swim
Bang on for number of lengths, distance, and probably strokes per length given the metronomic 23 strokes per length throughout this session. That’s just for one arm though, so you have to double it up for the accepted standard of strokes taken with each arm per 50m. Likewise, the stroke rate (in strokes per minute) does the same thing. I can’t see stroke rate on Garmin Connect anywhere, which is a bit of an omission. You have to go back to the watch to see it.
I didn’t confuse the watch too much with drills, swimming just some single-sided breathing and push phase drills.
Huge amounts of data are presented, so much that it seems to be best to stick to the clock and the lap button when swimming and to look at the data later on the computer. It’s great to have a quick flick through though to see how many strokes you took for the last interval and bits, and see what your efficiency looked like. It seems that I’ll be making use of the stroke rate feature quite a bit given today’s 1km time trial:
Garmin 910Xt 1Km Tt Swim

I failed to improve on previous times. That’s a serious problem. I was feeling good in the pool; strong with a good stroke. My stroke has improved over the last year, and it’s much better balanced, shorter at the front and longer at the back. I feel like I’m catching water better, have a better feel, have better rotation, and swim straighter when I’m swimming hard and breathing to just one side. Yet I’m no faster. Big problem.
I’m guessing the limiter is my inability to increase my stroke rate. I’ll try to chat to people in the know (and that know my stroke) but that looks to be my goal for the next blocks. My stroke rate at race pace is ok at around 60spm, but it should be faster for an open water triathlete.
Collect data, analyse, plan, improve. Thanks Garmin.