The domain name for this website is supposed to remind me (and you) to avoid the stresses of the salmon’s life, and not end up like that fish. I’ve been a bit salmony this week.
I raced hard on Saturday, and very hard during the run fighting for a good placing. We were camping with the kids too, for the first time, which was both stressful and fun. Annabel had a little bit of a snotty nose and some croup, something my immune system would have normally shrugged off with me barely noticing.
Probably because of the physical stresses of the race, the high cortisol levels and the inability to wash my hands as often as I normally would, I picked up Annabel’s bug and it hit me hard. I spent the whole of yesterday off training, off work and on the sofa catching up with Stargate Universe. I felt crap in the water on Monday, and I felt awful on the bike this morning, cutting any serious training sessions down to “just get out there and see how it goes”.
The lesson? You can’t hit it that hard every day. Some days are worth it though.