So that’s 2010 done! I’ve been meaning to remove one of the pages on this website & replace it with race results from the last couple of years. I’ll get round to it soon.
2011 is here & this week I’ve started training again for my key races. The Windsor Triathlon is 6 months off & if I’m a little more careful this year hopefully I can get there a little fitter & faster than last. I’ve made a few changes, mostly related to frequency & intensity. I need to focus on the bike this year & hope that the winter’s strength training will help me with my 1 hour flat time-trial speed. I need to stop those guys with the big legs from overtaking me after the swim.
Racing-wise 2010 was great for me. I competed surprisingly well, even more so with my loss of 6 weeks of training after breaking my foot in February & my subsequent recovery. The first time I ran properly after that was at the Llandovery Triathlon in which I finished 3rd overall. I had a terrible run and it was my first triathlon in 7 years. Result! Training, experience & racing continued to be fun and rewarding through the whole year.
The Christmas decorations have all come down today, marking the end of the holiday (oh crikey, when’s the next one?!) and marking the start of serious work, & schooling for the kids. It’s a little sad after spending more than 2 weeks almost constantly in their company but our daily routines work well, and when we’re back in them all will be good. We like what we do (I think).
Back to work/school/the-usual-routine tomorrow. Happy 2011!