Here’s a great blog entry about learning for educators and lurners alike:
Donald Clark Plan B: 10 techniques to massively increase retention
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There’s a lot of really good stuff in there, hopefully stuff we’re already trying to do in Swansea. Note number 9: mobile technology. The author talks about drip feeding assessment via those mobile devices that we all have in our pockets. Hopefully some of you have noticed that I’ve been coincidentally trying to do exactly this using the medium of the moment: Twitter.
Twitter pretty much started with mobile devices (you could use the internet and SMS text messages to post tweets really easily). Can yours follow twitter? If you have a mobile browser on your phone then, yes. Otherwise see this twitter mobile phone FAQ (although that’s a little bit retro).
Follow me @samuelwebster and keep your eyes on the twitterwall (which is also linked to from the elearning section of the Swansea Blackboard).
I’ll be drip feeding questions that you should be able to answer. You know, the sort of stuff that comes up in exams.