LEGO Universe

2010-01-13--Lego Universe
Could LEGO Universe be the nail in the coffin for my WoW gaming? I hope I won’t have to pay out for two accounts (one for me, one for Jack) to play LEGO’s new, MMO game this summer, but I have a feeling that I will.
It’s likely that Jack will go nuts for this. I wonder if his friends will also get involved and they’ll all be playing together online. My generation didn’t do this until we got to university age & had left home. It’s likely that LEGO will get this working perfectly for kids, but I wonder if it will have serious pull for adults. Will it feel to childish? Or will parents want to play it so that we can play more with our children, playing games that they want to play? I look forward to finding out.
2010-01-13--Lego Universe Screenshot
LEGO Universe
Gizmodo – LEGO Universe