Kitted Up

I’m slowly getting kitted up to get back to triathlon. The last time I raced I used whatever kit I could find that I already had, but this time I’m taking it fairly seriously. And my cycling stuff (for example) is one or two decades old now.
Triathlon is an annoyingly expensive business so I’ve started looking for a bike early. 2010 models will be starting to appear soon and popular 2009 models are starting to disappear from online stocks. VAT will go up again at the end of the year and I think now is a good time for deals.
The next trick is to decide whether to stick tri bars on a road bike or go full TT (lo pro as we use to call them). I’ve got a training bike to do much of my mileage on so a race bike would be a second bike. I fancied building up a bike from a decent frame, but buying a whole bike new can be really good value (all those parts quickly add up). The races I’m planning on are a mix of hillyish & flattish, so that doesn’t help.
So I saw a good deal on the never never. Interest free too. Carbon, but not stupidly expensive. Hopefully something to reward my engine development and training, something that will save me minutes rather than seconds, and something that will last as long as my previous bikes. Nice colour too.

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