Work gyms ‘lift mood and stress’

The BBC are reporting on a Bristol University study suggesting that exercising employees are happy, productive employees.
“Two hundred people took part in the Bristol University experiment to test the impact of workplace keep fit facilities like gyms or classes.
“Exercise re-energised staff, improved their concentration and problem solving and made them feel calmer.”
It certainly makes me feel better if I’ve done a training session of whatever type some time during the day. It makes me organise my time better too, because if I’m disorganised I won’t be able to run, swim or bike that day.
“If people try to fit an active break into their working day, they might also experience the added bonus of their whole day feeling much more productive. And that always feels good in our busy lives.
“The study also begs the question whether employers can afford not to be encouraging active breaks.”
Encourage me, encourage me!
BBC article.