Mobile Internet

Having the Internet in your hand is a great aid to learning. With my iPod Touch or my Sony Ericsson phone (yeah, so I’ll buy an iPhone next year maybe) I’m always looking up stuff I don’t know. If someone mentions a disease I’ve either not heard of or don’t know much about I jump onto the web & can instantly find out more. I can read a little, or I can read a lot. Either way I’ve learnt something new. I do this for geography (I had Google Earth open on my Macbook Pro during Eurovision this year), physics, medicine, zoology, economics, history, technology, sports & whatever else crosses my path. I may not remember all I read, but it’s always there for me to reaccess later.
Whatever people might say about Wikipedia, it’s a good resource. Some articles are better written & better referenced than others, and like any other resource you shouldn’t trust 100% what’s written there. There are plenty of other places you can also find out what you need.
Get the Internet in your pocket. Keep asking it questions.