iTunes film prices

I have a personal plea. If you’re going to watch films from the iTunes Store (link opens in iTunes) and feel that you need to comment, can you please shut the hell up about the price? It is not expensive.
Every film I’ve rented or bought from iTunes has a huge list of reviews, and those at the top all complain about the price. “Whine, whine, whine. Why do I have to pay £10.99 to buy a film? Wah, wah wah. It’s cheaper to leave my house and walk to a shop, or go to an online shop, buy the DVD, put it in my computer, download some software from the internet, install the software, fiddle with the settings, rip the film to the hard disk, resize it for my iPod, and then transfer it to my iPod.” You’re missing the point, whacko’s. You’re paying for convenience. And when was Apple ever cheap, you poor babies? You want cheap? Go to Poundland. You want quality? Go to Apple, or B&O, or some other damned expensive company.
Apart from that, you’re wrong about the price too. Cloverfield on iTunes costs £10.99 to buy, as do all their newer films. Amazon is selling Cloverfield on DVD today for £11.98. Play is selling Cloverfield on DVD today for £11.99. This film was released on DVD on June 9th, according to Amazon, so they don’t get cheap quickly either. “But what about the extras you get on the DVD?” That’s what a DVD’s for, you dumbass.
So stop thinking that you’re making a difference by posting your dumb comment. And don’t think you’re helping by marking these whiner comments as helpful either, pushing them to the top of the list. Go to Amazon or Play and moan there that you don’t want to pay £11.99 and tell them to make it cheaper. See how far that gets you. At least it gets you away from me.