The server space I use to host my podcasts is being flaky again, so you’ve probably been having difficulties playing them directly from this website or with downloading using iTunes. The server is a free service that is much abused by the large numbers of you that download gigabytes of audio and video data every month, so we can’t complain too much.
I’m trying to move the neuroembryology podcast to Blackboard for Swansea students to access during this revision period, but Blackboard doesn’t seem to like this idea. We do have a new server specifically for the School of Medicine, very kindly set up for us by the Library and Information Services department here at the university, which will be the home of all of this sort of content in the future. I’m struggling to get access to it at the moment, though.
I am working to fix the situation, so keep an eye on whichever method you prefer to get the podcasts by. The latest installment, a short, 10 minute chat with Rhiannon before she left us is waiting to be heard by you all.