Cosmeston Triathlon 2008

Leading, originally uploaded by samwebster.

The Cardiff Tri Club’s Cosmeston triathlon was held on Sunday, and we all had a very early (5am!) start. The race began at 7am, and the first man was back by just after 8am I think. It was a glorious, hot, sunny morning, and the early morning light was great for taking photos of the swim.

I’ve had lots of requests for photos, and unusually many of the competitors have also asked for copies of the wider, scenic shots rather than just of themselves. That feels good!

I really must buy a fast, long lens before next year’s races though. This year the sun was too strong and in quite the wrong direction for me to get the photos I wanted of the cyclists with the lenses I had, unless I moved myself further down the cycle route, much too far away from the rest of the action. It would be great to get in-your-face images of your masks of pain on the bike leg!