365 days, on its way

I think Kim’s going to join me in a Flickr 365 Days project. She complains that she’s getting dumber as a mum, and not getting to exercise her brain. She’s incredibly creative, so if she wants to exercise her creativity and force herself to think, what could be better than challenging yourself to take a self-portrait every day for a year and publish them all to the internet? Over the course of a year her photography and computer skills would improve too. And a bit of healthy competition (and maybe collaboration?) would be great.
Kim seems to think that her life is boring to other people as a mum bringing up two children. I’d use my blog and Flickr as an argument to the contrary. So many people want to keep up with the progress of Jack and Annabel. She’s a gorgeous, intelligent, thoughtful person that sees the world in ways others can’t.
As an aside, I reckon she’s got that gene that codes for an extra type of cone in the retina that lets you see an order of magnitude more shades of colour than anyone else. The things she can do with beige. Or maybe I am limited and can only recognise a handful of colours…
Read about superhumans with supervision. Also called tetrachromats. Evolution in action? Probably not. Wikipedia entry here.