St David’s Day Concert

2008-02-29--St Davids Day Concert 1
2008-02-29--St Davids Day Concert 2
Jack’s Primary School had their St David’s Day concert today. What are they telling us these days? To take on some of the culture of the country that we immigrate to, to learn its history, the language and so forth? Jack’s certainly doing that, but there’s still something very wrong about putting him in a red rugby shirt.
If you didn’t spot him, he’s wearing a dark cap, waistcoat and a daffodil.

2 thoughts on “St David’s Day Concert

  • “They” are not telling you, they are inviting you to take part in a day that is deeply ingrained in their culture.
    Whether or not you take part is down to you, but stop whining about the fact that a nation celebrates its culture and heritage.

  • No, you missed my point. I was referring to the proposed changes to UK immigration policies.
    I didn’t notice any whining. I thought I was agreeing with the idea. It seems very sensible (and enjoyable) for Jack and me to learn about Welsh history, the language and customs. I wouldn’t even be able to tell people my address without learning some pronunciation at least!
    When Jack gets older it will be his decision to wear or to not wear a Welsh rugby shirt.

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