iPhone in the UK

The iPhone will be available in the UK from November 9th, at £269 for the 8GB handset and £35/month for the talk plan and unlimited data tariff from O2. It’s using outdated technology by European mobile phone standards, as it uses slow EDGE rather than fast 3G for data, and doesn’t do MMS photo messaging. I wouldn’t use the novel method of accessing voicemail much, but really need to record video and to be able to send multimedia messages. Unlike other smartphones you can’t add offline applications without hacking it (meaning I couldn’t read digital novels on a plane).
Meh. Not interested.
iPhone (UK)

One thought on “iPhone in the UK

  • Shame! It really is awesome. Been using mine for about a month now. Edge isn’t too bad especially over here as you can usually pick up wifi in any built up area.

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