Kim is 21 weeks pregnant. Kim has a very interesting craving this time. She has a craving for cakes, and whenever she goes out to buy food she comes back with cakes. Whenever she’s left alone in the kitchen for too long on her own, she bakes cakes. The cakes that appear are always more than just for Kim. She doesn’t like to cake alone.
Cream cakes…
It’s OK for Kim. When breast-feeding she’ll be burning an extra 500 calories a day. I have to run for an hour or more to burn 500 calories!

One thought on “Cravings

  • Mm. Sounds like a very wise woman… but I’m not pregnant… I wonder what my excuse is.
    (Oh, that’s right… I’m an American.) I’m only slightly ashamed to poke fun at one of my own cultural flaws. *smiles* But cake is so good. So, so, good.

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