Wedding snaps

Ele and Lee’s wedding was superb. All had a great time and I think the bride and groom did too. They booked an excellent photographer who took photos all day long and will publish them on the web within the next couple of weeks, so I didn’t feel the need to hide behind a lense. The only photos I took were snaps with my phone.
My brother and I were ushers (and bagmen it seems). Ushering people into the church in Latton.
2007-06-09--Kims Reading
Kim gave a reading. She was nervous and delivered it with great pacing and emotion.
2007-06-09--Leaving The Church-1
Nick took this photo of Ele and Lee leaving the church. Jack loved the page boy job. Great suit, eh? Ele looked fantastic.
2007-06-09--Bubble Gun-1
Nick took this too. The boy and his bubble gun.
2007-06-09--Jack And Grandad-1
Another one from Nick, of Jack and my dad.
2007-06-09--Band Set Up
The only times Jack sat quietly were during (some of) the service and when he watched the band setting up. He was enthralled, and spent the rest of the evening dancing.
2007-06-09--Bride And Father
Ele & Dad.
2007-06-09--Sleeping Boy
Eventually Jack fell asleep in a corner, right next to the music.

2 thoughts on “Wedding snaps

  • What a beautiful church. The bride, Ele, is that your sister? She is lovely. Jack looks very handsome. What a happy day!

  • Aye, it was a good day. They’re off in Bali now on their honeymoon.
    The church is very nice – the tower is about 1000 years old. It’s out in the countryside, very peaceful, and my family is buried there.

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