The new life science research building at Swansea University is looking almost ready for moving in. The builders have pulled down the 8ft high boarding protecting the site and are replacing it with low steel guard rails so we can actually see around the building. We’re moving our lab into the 5th floor in a couple of weeks (of course this coincides with the week my sister gets married for maximum complexity) and much of the research from the Grove building will move across. My office will remain in the main School of Medicine building.
I wonder if this will help focus the research part of my job, or whether it will just feel even further away. I guess I need to make an effort to spend time each week over there, either in the lab doing some of these experiments I’m trying to get on with or at a desk writing. Thinking about it, there will be a Starbucks over there so I guess me and my pay packet will spend quite a bit of time in ILS1.
Anyway, right now I have to get back to second marking essays and preparing Monday’s anatomy session before a long teaching meeting this afternoon. I’ll work on editing those research papers tomorrow. Or Friday. Or maybe next Tuesday.