Minor Sport?

I thought I had taken up a mainstream sport, particularly compared with my previous sports of cycling, rock climbing, mountaineering and triathlon. Apparently golf isn’t as popular as I had been led to believe, according to the amount of news coverage and the British public’s level of interest.
Matt Slater on the BBC website says, “Dear readers, an apology. Over the last few months we in the British media may have given you the impression that this is a nation of spineless losers that prefer remote controls and TV dinners to sporting equipment and hard work.”
“It appears we may have been wrong. It’s just that we’re not very good at the sports you like watching and reading about.
“Football, cricket, rugby, motorsport and athletics…sorry, not much doing there. But cycling, equestrian, gymnastics, rowing and sailing…you probably missed it but we can do those.”
Golf too. The commentary points out that while we only have 2 tennis players in the top 100 in the world there are 13 golfers in the top 100, 3 of them higher ranked than Murray. Luke Donald has had more than a few Pro Tour wins too. You can compare CVs on Wikipedia:
Andy Murray’s Wikipedia entry
Luke Donald’s Wikipedia entry
BBC Article link.