MSN upgrade

So after the post below I checked for updates, and there’s a new version of MSN Messenger for the Mac: Version 6. So I downloaded and installed it. It won’t even log me in, and only gives me an error if I put the wrong password. So now I can’t even use the software. Great.
Another high quality product from Microsoft. Any loon that is looking forward to buying Vista is a true nut. If you want me I’m in iChat (also via AOL IM, but I wouldn’t recommend that piece of cr*p to my worst enemy).

2 thoughts on “MSN upgrade

  • Use the Jabber client in iChat. This is what I use and appear on msn the same as anyone else, except I’m just using iChat. Only problem is that people can’t send files to me using the msn. But thats what email is for right?

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