Long Weekend

I’ve been taking a nice long weekend. It’s a bank holiday weekend that crept up on me, so I took advantage of it and extended it. My dad has been able to visit, and as I’ve been to the driving range quite a lot recently he took me out on a couple of rounds of golf on the local small par 3, which greatly improved my beginner’s game, and then destroyed it by giving me too much advice on the driving range. It’s all good advice but my tiny little mind can’t cope with it all and my swing suffered. I’ll work on one piece at a time and it’ll all come good.
Next week our next batch of students start, so I’ve been keen to relax as best I can before it all kicks off again. The autumn term up until Christmas is very busy. It has been excellent to spend some time with Dad, & Jack has certainly enjoyed it too. My brother and his girlfriend popped down yesterday (2 hour drive each way – it’s a good job he’s a professional driver) so we all went to the beach to build sandcastles, play football and hunt around in rockpools. I think most of the family really enjoy the area in which we live and it’ll be very nice to be able to play on some of the local golf courses (there are many) with my dad and my brother.
OK, so now I’m training for triathlon and playing golf. It should be interesting to see how that all gets fitted in, but it should balance my head nicely through the autumn.