The Triathlon Salmon

I’m reading an article on about cortisol, stress, training and the salmon. It’s nicely relevant to (this website) and is similar to comments I’ve made in the past, but this time is linked in with problems of overtraining (the salmon “under-rests” for weeks in its attempt to reach its spawning grounds and as a result of continued high stress levels then dies).
“Over the long term, elevated cortisol levels can be as detrimental to overall health as elevated cholesterol is for heart disease or excessive blood sugar is for diabetes. Aside from that, elevated cortisol levels make you fat, destroy your muscles and bones, kill your sex drive, shrink your brain, squelch your immune system, and generally make you feel terrible. So what to do?”
“Remember, it’s OK to eat the salmon, and it’s even OK to save the salmon – but just do whatever you can not to be the salmon.” I feel I’ve heard that before somewhere…