No XBox360 for me

Some of the reasons why I won’t be buying the XBox 360:
Microsoft really seem to have missed the point AGAIN. Lots of people may sway towards the 360 as a living room multimedia hub, but not if it is noisy, not if it doesn’t interact with existing kit, and not if you can’t do basic internetty things with it.
The reason I’m looking at this is because I’ve been playing with Media Player 10 for the last couple of days on my home theatre PC. I normally use iTunes to rip and tag my music, but it doesn’t put album art into the folder for XP to see, so my music and video organising software Meedio shows ugly folder icons instead of pretty album art. Media Player will solve this, but I have to right-click each album and ask it nicely. If I leave Media Player running it leaks memory and freezes. Nice. I regularly forget how much hard work Microsoft software can be. I’ll give up with that and download a nice simple piece of third-party freeware to do the job instead, no doubt written by a very competent 13 year old.

3 thoughts on “No XBox360 for me

  • I concur, been using MS Word this morning – despite numerous attempts, the table grid lines will not format as intended, or if they do, they soon revert back to another style of their own accord.
    Only using Word to generate a PDF, best get Adobe Writer methinks.

  • I have seen two Macs in my everyday life. Ever. Period.
    One was in a production studio, and the other was in my Art Appreciation instructors class room. Microsoft is everywhere, and I agree… they have missed the point. I can never get anything they do to work correctly. The almost daily updates are no cup of tea either. Having said that, even if I had another system, I don’t know how to work anything outside of Windows. So, that’s that.

  • The ideal operating system should be intuitive to use and configure. Macs are quite good in that respect. XP can be tricky at times. Linux is often downright toublesome, but getting better all the time.

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