NABAZTAG Communicating Rabbit

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I’d be tempted if it wasn’t £65… This gizmo sits there, hooked into your WiFi network. He (she?) will do weird things like waggle his ears, flash different colours, talk to you or play you music. The really fun thing, however, is that your friends can send the rabbit SMS messages or emails and take control of the thing. Ace. Nabaztag will tell you the weather, tell you that your email has arrived, and earn his keep as a stock market ticker. Freaky little bugger.
Go and visit Nabaztag.

One thought on “NABAZTAG Communicating Rabbit

  • He/she claims to be the first smart rabbit, but he/she? is clearly mistaken… have we already forgotten about Bugs Bunny?
    “Eh, what’s up doc?”

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