Old Year

The New Year is about to kick off. I feel strangely ambivalent about it. There’s nothing I plan to do in particular next year, there are no great goals I intend to accomplish or work towards, and there’s nowt in particular that I look forward to. I’ve been a grumpy bugger this Christmas, and it looks set to continue into the New Year. Is grumpiness an emotion? If so, what triggers this emotion?
I can’t say in particular why I’ve been acting (feeling?) grumpy. It’s probably something in part to do with staying with my mum and dad for a week, but that’s not to say that it hasn’t been a good Christmas, because it has, and I’ve really enjoyed being back in Cheltenham. Maybe it’s just an age or stage-in-my-life thing. Maybe Swansea really is the graveyard of ambition. Likely, I need a task of which to be enthusiastic, as obsession and competition are stout parts of my disposition. Hurrumph.
No, I don’t do New Year’s resolutions. I make decisions when they’re needed, and stick to them (as best I can). Happy New Year to all you humbugs.
See what I mean about grumpy? None of that was meant to come out that way. Oh well.

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