OK, so my Orange phone got its calling barred because they failed to take the monthly bill by direct debit. They are the communication company so, first I tried to ring them on the free 150 number from my mobile. It connected and the menu options worked fine, but as soon as it tried to connect me to a human it said, “I’m sorry, but calls from this number are barred”. Genius. That’s exactly what I’m trying to fix. So I sent them an email from their website. 2 days later and obviously no reply or fix. I finally managed to login to my account online, which is barred also, except for the ability to pay the bill. Which I did. 2 days ago. Now my account says my access is barred because I owe Orange £0.00. Geniuses.
I know, I’ll ring them from a non-Orange phone. Ah, but my work phone system won’t allow me to choose any of the numbered options. But surely if I wait it’ll automatically connect me to a human operator, right? Yeah, right. No chance. It just goes round and round the menu system.