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This year feels different. I’ve been really enjoying lifting in the gym this winter, setting new personal bests in the back squat and deadlift, and both at weights that I’ve been trying to lift for a few years. I’m heavier this winter, which might help, and it looks like I might be heavier all year if I can maintain my lean mass. It’s tricky to keep it when I get close to and into race season when my body seems to change shape to fit triathlon better. A calorie restricted diet makes it difficult to maintain lean mass too. Last winter I was recovering from a broken clavicle so it was a while before the shoulder was strong enough to lift really heavy things, and that put my usual maximum strength development phase out of phase with the rest of my training.
The first training block of 2014 went well, even with the tough weather. At least it wasn’t icy. I haven’t been to see Gareth at Swansea Health Solutions yet just because I’ve been so healthy. Strengthening my hip flexors in the gym has helped the rest of my running robustness I think, and all the muddy cross country running probably set me up well too. I’m going to have to go in for a massage just to catch up and have a chat.

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