Here it comes

Orange mountain bike
There we go. I said it wouldn’t take too long. I’m trail running almost every morning, discovering new routes and loving getting out in the mud and grass, and I’ve been out on my mountain bike twice a week checking out some new trails not too far from home. It doesn’t feel like training, it just feels like I’m going out and doing some fun stuff. Checking the data afterwards (I’m not looking at it when I’m out) and I’m getting some good work done while having fun.
I’ve only been in the pool a couple of times a week but I’ve been paying more attention to my backstroke and fly technique. Backstroke is getting a bit better, fly is an ugly thug. It’s great to be swimming with a club again, even if I only get out one night a week with the Swansea Masters. I’m looking forward to swimming more regularly next week and will start to lay down some metres with a bit of a focus on my weaknesses to start with to mix things up.

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Halloween biscuits
People comment that I get a surprising amount done, and wonder how I stay so motivated to do all the things that I have going on. Taking a break over the last couple of weeks has reminded me of a couple of things that might answer this.
Firstly, I’m not always motivated. But I have a target and I have a plan, and I know that sometimes you just have to crack on with it.
Secondly, when you do something consistently for a long time a side effect is that you can’t imagine not doing it. So you keep doing it. Is it easier? Mentally it probably is a bit.
Thirdly, and probably most importantly, I suffer from overwhelming, crushing boredom very easily when I’m not doing something. I have to be doing something. I have been bored to tears waiting at bus stops. Thank Silicon Valley for smartphones. And bicycles.