Month: March 2011

  • Llanelli half-marathon 2011

    It was great to see & hear so many Swansea med students at the Llanelli half-marathon today. It was also great to get to run fast (I had a big grin on the start line)! Unfortunately the running fast didn’t last the full distance. This was an early, pre-season test of my running pace &…

  • New Podcasts

    I’ve been a bit busy recently, but the first draft of the Embryology at a Glance textbook is written (hurrah!) & there are a couple of new podcasts that I’ve put out.

  • Riding the Welsh coast

    The end of March date has been dropped, so we may do the ride in May. In other news, a new podcast is coming very soon on the anatomy of the eye, and the clinical relevance of it all.