Month: August 2010

  • Ready?

    After finishing the last high intensity training block & feeling dizzy tired I’ve been on an easy week of training for the last 5 days. A little running, a little pootling on the fixie, a little splashing in the pool. After just a couple of days I was feeling good. I’m keen to race again…

  • High intensity training

    My training finally shifted away from largely easy, aerobic base training to more intense race-like training recently. I broke my foot, was in plaster for 6 weeks and had to go back to aerobic training to rebuild my endurance and general fitness. This is my first year of triathlon racing (I’ve completed 2 triathlons in…

  • Golf has too many rules

    Day 373: Golf has too many rules, originally uploaded by samwebster. I was complaining about the number of rules in golf in a 365 Flickr photo last week and then this happens in the USPGA:

  • Mid-season kit failures (cont)



      Triathlon uses a lot of kit, and triathlon training uses even more. So some of it fails, but when it all fails at once it’s frustrating & time consuming to sort out, repair or replace. I got my iBike power meter back from Velocomp in the USA, replaced under warranty after failing in the…

  • Cycling home

    I got a couple of Flip video cameras, so thought I’d test them out by cycling home & filming it. They’re nice and simple, and work well!