Month: May 2009

  • Student tracker

    A Tokyo University have given out iPhones to staff & students to encourage use of elearning materials (great idea). As an extra feature, students will be using the phones to register their attendance, verified by the inbuilt GPS. That’s an interesting thought. CNET Crave – Japanese university uses iPhone to keep tab of students

  • Automation

    I’m feeding the kids breakfast and they really know how to make a mess. I’m sure the lino floor is getting thinner with the constant sweeping and washing. I reckon we need one of these: iRobot Scooba or one of these: – Dog licks floor constantly.

  • Online Calendars

    If any of you subscribe to my online calendars to synchronise with your own (e.g. anatomy, DGR), note that I’m just about to move them to MobileMe. You can subscribe to the calendars from the links at the bottom right of the medicine page of this website.

  • Swansea – Cardiff commute

    Now this is serious bike commuting: Tredz Talk: Cycling to work, Tredz style (43 miles from Swansea to Cardiff, and then back again).

  • Map


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    DSC_0024, originally uploaded by samwebster. I love this. Walking this weekend I tried to teach Jack (Indiana Jones) some map reading skills. He wasn’t convinced that I had any idea of where we were or what we were doing.

  • Anatomy of the infratemporal fossa (continued)

    OK, where were we? By looking at the medial and lateral pterygoid muscles we found ourselves in the infratemporal fossa. This space is bounded superiorly by the sphenoid bone (and the temporal bone), laterally by the ramus of the mandible, medially by the lateral plate of the pterygoid process and anteriorly by the maxilla. You…

  • Anatomy of the infratemporal fossa

    In my anatomy session this week we started looking at the anatomy of the head (as I may have mentioned several times, probably my favourite area, anatomically-speaking). In this station, we looked at the movements of the jaw, the muscles that make those movements, some of the bones involved (bones of the skull – get…

  • Me & Toby



    SS851343.JPG, originally uploaded by webster.susan. And my sister (Toby’s mum). This is from my mum’s Flickr account. Sounds good, right? I uploaded it for her. Upload more photos to Flickr, mum! You take loads and have a very nice MacBook. Maybe I should buy you the new iLife, as iPhoto 9 has a button to…

  • Galactic Center of Milky Way Rises over Texas Star Party



    Wow. Follow the link. Video: Galactic Center of Milky Way Rises over Texas Star Party

  • Needle or toothpick, acupuncture helps

    A study comparing the treatment of chronic low back pain using general acupuncture, individually prescribed acupuncture, acupuncture that didn’t pierce the skin (but poked the acupuncture “points”) or contemporary medical treatment suggests that acupuncture can help, and that you don’t need to pierce the skin. I’ve only come across this brief Reuters report and haven’t…