Students: I will be away next week. Most of you are asking me similar questions so if you work with each other you should be able to share this information. You might want to organize yourselves for embryology tutorials when I get back, if you need them.

Even more shoes

2009-04-08--More Shoes
I’ve got a good pile of shoes developing at work too with the addition of some light flats (the red ones). I didn’t notice the detail text on the heel until last night. Show your opposition a clean pair of heels, eh?
2009-04-08--Kiss This

BMW’s Smart Car Doors Stay Shut When Danger Is Around

Gizmodo have noted the development of car doors that won’t open when danger is approaching; for example a cyclist passing a parked car. Great idea! I’ve been caught by a couple of car doors and each time it has been disastrous and expensive.
“BMW has teamed up with Technical University of Munich in creating these smart car doors, which have produced positive results so far. They expect these doors to be available on the market within the next 12 months, although the doors might be licensed to other manufacturers instead of BMW’s own cars.”
Gizmodo article (brief).


2009-04-01--Bunny Annabel is getting attached to her bunny to a neurotic level. She can’t sleep without it. That’s a given. If she wakes up in the night and can’t find bunny, we all wake up. During the day when she realises she hasn’t seen bunny for a while she has to find it, and runs up to me or Kim calling, “bnybny, bnybny”. Cute, but then we have to search the house for bunny. Even when she’s eating she wants to cuddle bunny, and with the mess she likes to make she’d get the cloth snuggly filthy. And then we’d have a smelly, sticky bunny left in various places around the house.
We learnt from last time though. Kim bought 3 bunnies even before bunny became Annabel’s favourite soft toy. Smart!