Month: January 2009

  • Play Medical School

    Do you want to find out what it’s like at Medical School? Some of you are probably already there. Here’s an interactive flash game that has educational content in it to get you to recognise symptoms and diseases. To be honest, I didn’t have time to play through much of it but I thought it…

  • Global Warming Is Irreversible, Study Says



    Oh shit. Read the article.

  • Website updates



    I’ve added a box with my shared Google Reader articles in it on the right (beneath my Twitter updates). It shows the 5 most recent shared articles. Click the link below to see the full page. I’ve also fixed my training calendar, also linked on the right side of this page.

  • Jack is 6!



    Jack is 6 today! Just like going out on in the cold and the rain reminds you how great a hot shower feels, having a group of 6-year-olds running around your house and screaming for a few hours reminds you how peaceful your house is. Jack’s had a great day!

  • Anatomy: thorax, chest wall, ventilation

    In last week’s anatomy session we started looking at the thorax. I spoke a little bit about the structure of the thoracic cage, specifically the ribs and the intercostal muscles. We noted that the diaphragm is responsible for increasing the volume within the thorax when its muscle fibres contract and the dome shape becomes flattened.…

  • Ironman

    As I’ve probably said, I’ve moved back towards endurance sports. I’m running this year again, but at some distances that I’ve not run at before. Focusing on running gives me a chance to lay down some PBs and find out how fast I really can go (I think I can go pretty fast) but it’s…

  • A windy weekend

    A biggish tree was down across the cycle path this morning. It was a very windy weekend in South Wales! The headwind on today’s run was very helpful in getting me to lean forward and take the pressure off my tibialis posterior muscles. See, there’s a silver lining to most situations! P.S. To those learning…

  • Mario Kart Wii


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    Jack almost beat me at Mario Kart Wii on Saturday. Impressive! Here he is beating his Aunt & Uncle (both Mario Kart N64 veterans) online. Sheesh.

  • Quality Kit

    I’m comfortably into training mode again, and have been for some months. I feel at home in this routine and it’s something I’ve done for most of my adult life with occasional interruptions. With triathlon in mind after the 2009 season I’m enjoying getting out on the bike again, and it’s helping my running. Today…

  • Week 1. Done.



    Well that’s week 1 of 2009 done, work-wise if not yet training-wise. A run and a bike and that’ll be done too. But what a week back! There’s little chance of a gentle warm up in this job. Clinicians are now getting concerned about the new Graduate Entry Programme, research students are keen to get…