Month: October 2008

  • Epiploic appendices!

    In the last group of the anatomy teaching this morning I was struggling to think of the right name for the little fatty bits of peritoneum hanging off the large bowel. The textbook calls them omental appendices, which I know is correct but doesn’t have the right feel. A quick search of the web turns…

  • Ironman flies!

    Ironman flies!, originally uploaded by samwebster. Jack built Ironman out of Lego! I told you we were excited about tomorrow’s DVD release.


    A database of all the academics in the world? I think that’s the aim of this website:

  • Scary films on iTunes



    Brilliant – iTunes have put up a collection of scary films on iTunes. I love the Halloween build up & I’ll be downloading a few of these for the dark evenings of the next week. The Fly (Vincent Price!),The Bride of Frankenstein (fantastic trailer), Leprechaun 3. OK, maybe not Leprechaun 3. The actual Halloween list…

  • Back on the bike!

    Back on the bike, originally uploaded by samwebster. Shock! I cleaned it too.

  • Podcast – embryology of the ear

    Rhi and I published another podcast at the weekend, by the way. We recorded using iChat & Garageband this time & it sounds a little better. Get it from your iTunes feed or from the Medicine page (of this website).

  • Schmap!! Brighton

    One of my photos got used in Schmap’s guide to Brighton. That’s two of my pictures that have been found and published (with my consent) this year. Nice!

  • Week 106 – development of the gut

    This week’s embryology lecture attempted to link the processes that form the gastrointestinal (GI) tract with the anatomy that you’re seeing in the lab. We started by recapping the end of the last lecture (gastrulation) and showing how the flat sheet of the early embryo can be rolled up to form a tube. We looked…

  • October sea swimming

    Honestly, I took this photo today. This is a late October Sunday afternoon. Cool, eh? Well, except for the daft number of surfers. When the tide is this high there’s no width to the bay so everyone gets crammed into a small section. People are playing in the sea or are trying to swim, so…

  • Olympic cycling star tells car drivers how it is

    In an interview with the Times, “Victoria Pendleton has a sharp warning for drivers who tear past cyclists at close quarters – watch out, you might kill a British Olympic medallist.” “For starters, many motorists could at least stop being offensive as well as dangerous, says Pendleton. I have to train on the road daily.…