New Apple Keyboards

*Big girlish scream!*
Wired Keyboard20070807
Index Hero Wireless20070807
Wireless Keyboard20070807

New brushed aluminium Apple keyboards!
OK, so there’s a new aluminium iMac (what happened to consumer white vs pro alu?), new iLife, new iWorks and stuff, but just look at those keyboards!
Apple link.

Port Eynon

2007-08-05--Port Eynon
Brave boy. He insisted on going swimming in the sea, but when we got in there we jumped over the waves and didn’t quite get swimming. The sun needs to get a bit hotter yet.
Google Maps.

Friday feeling costs firms £50m

The BBC are running an article about the costs of skiving on Friday afternoons (on a Friday when a friend of mine has spent his morning sending me itinerant text messages and photos of today’s fishing trip, funnily enough).
“A growing number of staff are treating the last day of the working week as an unofficial holiday, a company claims.” The earlier and earlier Friday rush hour would support this.
I’m tired, it’s sunny outside, and everyone else is taking the day off. Sucks.
Link to BBC article.