Month: August 2007

  • Oxwich Bay Beachcasting

    The birds were catching more fish than we were, but at least we could see we were in the right place. Is summer here at last?

  • Sea fishing

    Looks like the remains of a torture scene, doesn’t it? I had a bit of an accident with a hook. I got a treble from a large plug embedded deep in my finger, up to the bend, and the barb had grabbed the flesh rather tightly. It came out of my finger eventually after much…

  • Ice cream


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    Believe it or not, he couldn’t eat all that.

  • Caddyshack


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    Favourite article of this week: Bill Murray was stopped in the early hours of the morning by police and tested for drink driving by police in Stockholm. He’d nicked a golf cart after watching the Scandinavian Masters golf tournament to drive back to his hotel. Given that the top speed of a golf cart really…

  • Excercise ‘must be tough to work’

    Apparently people are confused about exercise and health. I’d go along with that, noticing a large number of large and slow people suddenly appearing outdoors on the cycle paths when the weather becomes pleasant. While a BBC article reports that it is unclear whether one should perform light exercise for half an hour, three times…

  • More?

    Due January 18th. Ish.

  • New Apple Keyboard



    This thing is even skinnier and sexier in real life, and very tactile. I didn’t expect the keys to feel as good as they do. I’ve got that “new apple hardware” smell back in my study! (And I really will sort out this desk one day).

  • Photos, photos, everywhere

    I’ve got photos all over the web. They’re on my website, on Jack’s website, on Flickr, and on Facebook. I’ve held back against Flickr and Facebook for a long time because of my desire to keep things simple and in one place, but Flickr is just so simple and cool for sharing with a limited…

  • BBC Mondays


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    After headlining the affects of Friday afternoon skiving on the British economy, the BBC website today asks, “Got the Monday blues?” and offers “Another stressful week on the coalface to get through? Brighten up your day with BBC comedy clips.” So now they’re encouraging Monday morning skiving! Fair enough. BBC comedy clips online.

  • On the beach


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    Fishing by the sea. Thinking?