Summer Silence

It’s so quiet.
It’s August, and most of the Medicine academics (certainly the lecturers in my wing of the school) have gone away on holiday. The students are on their summer break, and the research labs are quiet, with the occasional confused PhD student. I’ve got another couple of weeks before I go away, and still have a couple of deadlines to hit and things to prepare for the start of teaching next semester. Research is progressing, and I have a post-doc starting research in my group in September. I’m not as busy as I have been, but I’m kept occupied. But it’s weird to work when it’s so quiet.


While Jack seems to have absolutely no sense of direction (like his mother), he knows where all his favourite rides are in Cardiff city centre, and drags you into the shop when he recognises the logo.
I can work on his sense of direction as he gets older, right? Or maybe he’ll be a member of the GPS age, & won’t have to worry about that sort of thing.

Radio 1 Podcast

Blimey, Moyles’ Breakfast Show from BBC Radio 1 is now a podcast (or at least, selections of it are). He’s sitting pretty at the top of the iTunes Top Podcasts list already. This means I can listen to Moyles on the train to work in the morning on my iPod, without a radio. Sweet.

Cycling at 40mph

I was late leaving work for the train today. Luckily, on the main road out of the uni I let a coach pull out in front of me & jumped into its slipstream. I haven’t done this for ages (don’t try it at home kids) & only do it on roads I know really well. You don’t want a pot hole to appear from under the coach at 40mph because you’ll make a mess. I pretty much sit in the middle of the lane, staring at the brake lights, staying as far back as possible without getting into the turbulent air, spinning 52×12. Fun!
I kept up the speed almost the whole way & got to the station 5 minutes earlier than usual 🙂
One problem: it’s sunny again so I’m the smelly bloke on the train. Oh wait. There’s a guy with a couple of dogs on this carriage & one of them just let rip. Eurgh – that stinks. I get a reprieve.