I’m off work for a couple of weeks. Be warned, I probably won’t check my email and will probably avoid the internet as much as possible. There may be the odd photo added to my blog.
See you in September!

Trading Places

With the internet, the roles of parents & children become reversed, & I don’t mean in the way you’re probably thinking of. Offspring have to protect their parents.
We have to warn our mums & dads not to reply to emails from strangers (particularly from Nigerians promising cash), not to click on pop-ups (no, you haven’t really won ï½£10,000,000 because you were the 500,000th visitor), and to make sure their virus protection is always up to date. We warn them to be careful out there on the internet, to wrap up warm, and not to talk to strangers. We want them to have a good time, but we worry a little bit.
So already roles begin to reverse, and I guess this shifts further as we all get older. Wierd.


Walking to Mumbles for ice cream…. It looks like Jack’s about to abseil off the edge, down to the sea.

Fat Man Walking

There’s a fella in California who, over recent years has been getting fatter and fatter. He wasn’t always like this, but he’s got older, he has a family, and life changes. He doesn’t like being fat. So he has decided to get rid of it. How? He’s gone walking, from San Diego to New York City. That’s a long way, and a hell of a lot of calories.
Good lad. Read his story: link.

Live or later

Is it me, or is it weird that on the internet the big thing with video is live vidcasting, and yet with TV the thing to do is timeshift and watch it when you want?