Sea view helps cut stress levels

According to the BBC, “The sight of the sea is the quickest and most effective way to reduce high stress levels for many people, a survey has found.”
So I get stressed by my daily commute, but destressed (not distressed) by my cycle by the sea each morning, then stressed by work, then destressed by the sea, then stressed by my commute. Hmmm. Moving to Swansea would help then.


My rear mech fell apart cycling to the train this morning. I almost made it! Since I have to go into the lab tomorrow anyway, I’ll work at home today. My dealer is sorting replacement parts for me.

This is the best thing about working from home: coffee breaks in the park!

Blogs on the Bombs (BBC link)

As usual, on the day of the bombs in London, the bloggers were pretty much ahead of the rest of the news networks, and providing localised information from personal perspectives.
Read the link.
A survivor’s account, now hosted on BBC. Tough stuff.

Mail Problems

Are you getting mail bounced back from my Swansea University address? Don’t worry, I’ve not been sacked. The Microsoft Exchange server has been down for over a week now, so email is mullered. Send it to one of my other addresses instead.