Marmot, the outdoor kit company I like so much, just sent me their Spring catalogue. It’s full of the usual gorgeous pictures of people having fun in the great outdoors, making me ask, “what the hell am I doing slogging it out in the infinite thankless task that is my job, and not out there with all the muddy happy people in colourful gore-tex?”.
The Marmot catalogue always has this effect on me (and you might say it affects many people like this), but usually it spurs me to plan a new expedition somewhere high and steep. Many a time I’ve been inspired and gone away for a week and climbed something. Anyone want to go outside and play?

Star Wars ep3

There’s hope for Star Wars ep3 yet.
The trailer looks good too, but then, they always do. (By the by, I’m not hoping the Revenge of the Sith is going to be poor, just lowering my expectations to help me enjoy whatever I’m given).


Oh, by the way, I rewrote the “Photos” page, and you can now go and look at galleries of pics instead of one huge, huge page of moblog photos.


It’s another exam day today. We’ve staggered the exams for the medicine course throughout the first year, so that the students have a smattering of assessments rather than blocks. I don’t know which is best, & there are arguments for both. At the end of their preclinical years they will have a solid block of exams before they can progress.
As soon as you mention the word “exam” or “assessment” there’s a change in the mood in the lecture theatre. Slumbering students stir, eyes open, pens appear. I should probably just randomly blurt out, “exam!” during lectures like an academic with Tourette’s to ensure they stay awake.

New Camera

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me. A bit early, but what the hell? I’m going to a friend’s wedding next weekend and I want to take photos. It’s a Nikon D70 digital SLR, so I’ll need a bit of practise.

Comment Spam

Sorry about adding login whotsits to the commenting system, but I was getting comment spam coming out of my ears, and this was the best fix available. You only have to sign up once and then you’re done. It’s a good service, honest.
I may take it off in a couple of weeks if things die down.