Revisiting the Salmon

Wow, what a day. My gaming PC should be back up to full capacity this evening (it was down for 49 days in all), so I get to finish playing Doom 3, AND HalfLife 2‘s release date was officially released today. And this time it looks like it might actually happen. It’s gone Gold. It’ll be out in November.
I love this time of year, when it’s cold, wet and dark, and you have to spend time inside, huddled round a warm, overclocked computer and a well worn rocket launcher. I’ve got a bunch of games on the way, and it promises to be a cold winter. I feel a little less salmon-like already. It helps to have something to vent into. Hmm, venting…. I wonder if I could hook up a tube to vent cold air through the radiator of my water-cooling rig…


Even the BBC reckon Warhammer 40,000’s Dawn of War to be a top game. They have a history of the HalfLife 2 release date saga up today too. A mid-November release for sure now?

HL2 Gold

HalfLife 2 has gone gold. That means it’ll probably be in the shops next month. That may be good timing, as my PC may be fixed by then…. It’s running XP from an old hard disk, and all seems OK. New disk arrives tomorrow.
Let’s hope HL2 turns out to be a slice of fried gold.