From MacNN:
“Thousands of people lined up outside electronics stores in Japan on Saturday as Apple debuted its iPod Mini digital music player, according to the Mainichi Daily News. “About 1,500 people were lined up outside Apple’s store in Tokyo’s Ginza district before the store opened at 10 a.m. Tens of thousands of the devices have already reportedly been reserved by customers.””
I find it amazing that any company can create such a blockbuster product with this sort of a following. It’s cult-like. Imagine 1,500 people queuing up outside a store in your city or town for the release of one luxury item that’s not even on sale. Yeah, so it’s consumerism gone mad, but still, it’s an incredible thing for a modern company to achieve.
Will there be mass iPod marriages?


Don’t worry – I only got dragged to church because some friends were getting married 🙂


I’ve been playing XIII and I swear the cliff sequence is straight from Ogmore. Ah, you’ll know what I mean if you’ve climbed there in the evening.


I’ve stopped bleeding now. Didn’t mean to be melodramatic. My bike threw me off when the pawls of the freewheel failed/broke/slipped as I jumped out onto a roundabout and spun when they shouldn’t. Ouch. Gravel burns in the usual places. At least I’m not too old to bounce yet.
The real sod of it is that I had the stuff from Wiggle to fix the problem delivered this morning. I have, of course, fixed it now. At the moment it’s cheaper to bleed than buy a new bike.