iBook Hack

Heh heh. I hacked my iBook to allow me to use dual displays and higher res monitors 🙂
The Shuttle to the left isn’t attached to the display.

Jack’ Birthday Party

Jack’s birthday cake, skillfully made by his Mum! He was still ill today, but was at least able to go to his own party at a softplay place. Everyone else had a great time, but poor old Jack spent the afternoon cuddling his Dad. He brightened up several times, but just didn’t have enough energy to stay happy. I’ve got a video clip I’ll add soon.


Tired this morning. Yaaaawn. Poor little Jack was up most of last night puking. I thought he wouldn’t start doing that after birthdays until he was at least 15.
It might have been his birthday cake (too much sugar!), but it may be a bug. Party tomorrow, so we’re hoping he’ll be feeling better by then.

Jack’s 1st Birthday

It’s Jack’s 1st birthday today! He’s had lots of presents and cards (a very popular little boy) and has had a very busy morning. He’s kipping at the moment so I have 5 minutes to upload this photo:
That’s a card from Aunty Ele in Oz!


Working across the road from the beach?
As mentioned below, I had an interview today at the Swansea Clinical School (at Swansea University) after being asked to apply just before Christmas. The job is teaching anatomy to students of a fast-track, 4 year medicine scheme for graduates. The interview was a bit of a grilling, but I can’t have done terribly badly because they offered me the post shortly afterwards. I haven’t accepted yet.
The job looks superb: preparing and teaching a clinical anatomy course (my first degree and favourite subject!) to mature students that actually want to be taught. Research will have to take a break for about a year, but looks good for the future.
I have a few things to weigh up, and will make a decision soon. I’d hate leaving Cardiff, but it’s such a top opportunity how could I pass it up?
I should be basking in the luxury of choice, but instead I feel terribly torn.


From CD-WOW (my favourite online CD retailer):
“The UK Major record companies through their mouth piece the BPI* have unfortunately restricted the UK and Irish consumers right to enjoy the freedom of the World Wide Web.
As from this weekend, any CD ordered for delivery to the UK and Ireland will incur a surcharge as we are only able to deliver CDs manufactured within the EU (more expensive).”
Dumb, dumb, dumb BPI. Yes, I understand the letter of the law dictates this, but it confounds me as to why they’d follow it through. Buying cheap, legal CDs for which the artists get paid is surely a step in the right direction away from illegal file sharing. Oh no, let’s force the British consumer (with internet access) to pay more for his CDs. yeah, that’ll solve, er, something.