Jack Black

Cool. It’s Jack Black day on MTV2. Well, Jack Black morning anyway. And it’s chucking it down outside, so that’s my day sorted, sat on the sofa with my nice warm laptop, importing some new CDs into iTunes.
I may drag my arse out to the gym this afternoon. Kim’s suggesting all sorts of horror-shopping scenarios that I need to get out of. That’s what the internet’s for. Except Jack needs new shoes…


Jack’s got lots of teeth coming through, including his first molar. Check out those red cheeks!


It was so cold last night that my bike froze in my shed. I couldn’t change gear until I’d almost got to work. The Taff Trail was gorgeous. The deep puddles were frozen so hard that they supported my weight when I cycled across them.
Sorry, too cold to stop and take a photo.

Well Again

Jack’s feeling a lot better today. His appetite is back, he’s smiling and happy, and he was boogieing (sp?) to Radio 1 when I was dressing him after his bath. We might get a full night’s sleep tonight…


The promised snow has finally started to fall. Arse. I’ve got to cycle home in it.