Snot and Puke

Jack has got worse, but Kim is a little better. Jack’s got a bit of a temperature, an upset stomach (he’s puked up a few bottles/dinners), a snotty nose and a chesty cough, and at the moment he’s very tired and drowsy and doesn’t know what to do with himself. Hopefully he’ll improve by tomorrow or Christmas won’t be a lot of fun. The same goes for Kim. She’s been sick for 5 days now, so she should be improving.
I feel crap. Cough. Cough. Hack.
In between playing nurse/nanny/shopper I am nearing completion of UFO: Aftermath though!


We’ve all got stinking colds today. Kim seems to have it worst, but I feel rotten. On my first day of a two week holiday from work too! Plus, I was supposed to be racing in the Christmas Pudding 10k at Merthyr Mawr (Ogmore) tomorrow. That’s not going to happen now, so I’ve given my number to long haired Andy. Hopefully he can use it in my stead, so I haven’t wasted the entry fee.
Lots of drink, a bit of UFO:Aftermath and an early night for me tonight.


I went to the cinema to see the Lord of the Rings finale, the Return of the King, yesterday afternoon. Whew. It will definately pass The Two Towers in the IMDB’s top 250 when it accrues enough votes. I wonder how high it will go (it’s 8th today). My betting is that it will beat the Shawshank Redemption.

Jif Gallery

It has gone midnight, but I’ve almost finished setting up the gallery for the Jif website.
The guys at HostOne have been superb again, fixing bugs with the Gallery installation within 8 hours of my first email. With that I’ve been able to get stuck into integrating the scripts into my website. It’s looking good.
Once I have uploaded all of the existing photos into the new gallery I’ll make it live. Time for bed soon.