Jack’s in bed

I’ve just put Jack to bed. Kim usually gives him his bottle and tucks him into his cot for the night, but this evening she’s has gone to pilates and swimming.
He expects to play when he’s with me, because that’s when we’re usually together – when I get home from work, when I bath him, and on weekends. Kim does most of the serious stuff like the feeding and putting him to bed. So when I put him to bed he wants to play rather than cuddle and go to sleep. Though after I’d fed him his bottle and burped him he got sleepy on my shoulder, and once we’d got through the worst of a bout of hiccups I put him in his cot and tucked him in. So far he’s been quiet…


Seen my webcam? Dual monitor setup on my big PC. It really helps with just about any application, but particularly image work and web design. Gonna have to get another NEC to match my current main monitor 🙂

Jif Updates

Nobody really seems to be using the Jif website. The counters are telling me I’m getting hits, but no-one is using the comments system. At least it’s dead easy to update now with the PHP news management system.
There are (I think) a couple of stylesheet bugs, so if you notice any problems, email me.

Trolley Dolly

I went shopping with Jack today, breaking my rule of “never go to Tescos on a Saturday”. How did Kim get me to do that? I obviously wasn’t paying attention.


Fasthosts have finally put cardifftri.net back online, after 3 DAYS without service. Most of the website HAS NOT been transferred to the new server. Luckily I don’t think we’ve lost any data because I had a backup, but this is seriously screwing up my weekend. I’ve got a big pile of other crap to do – I don’t need to be restoring this entire website and using up all my upload bandwidth. I am so not fucking happy with this situation. What’s worse, Fasthosts promise a reply to support emails within 24 hours and I’m still waiting to hear back from 2 emails I sent them yesterday.


After swimming with the Triathletes this evening I was sat at the traffic lights in Ely, waiting to turn right, listening to the excellent John Peel. “Why’s that bus sat there with its hazards on?”, I thought to myself. Minutes later I turned, and saw the remains of a dead dog behind the parked bus. Oh jeez. I guessed it was a dog by the size, and the black and white “fur”, but it could have been anything. It looked like it had been through a mincer – crushed by the bus.
Now, you see something like that, and it slows your driving right down. Who couldn’t see that and think, “What if that had been a kid?” Or, “What if I had been driving?” That’ll slow you right down. It reminds you that driving a car is a method of getting from A to B, and we’re all doing just that. So cut out the aggresive driving, the speeding and the lack of attention when you’re in the car, and just get where you’re going without incident. You don’t want to be sat in the car at the side of the road with your hazard lights on and a bloody mess crushed on the road behind you, do you?

Still Down

God damn it! CardiffTri.net is still down!
I’ve emailed Fasthosts tech support, but got the expected answer of, “our engineers are working as quickly as possible to complete the server upgrades, yada, yada, yada”. They’re usually such a superb company that I just cannot understand why my websites have been taken down for so long at such short notice. There must be a very big and important reason, right? Hackers? Virus?
On the flip side, Graeme at Kustom PCs emailed me straight back this morning to say I can send back my faulty wireless keyboard under warranty. They’ll even cover my postage costs or get a courier to collect it! I think I’ll take the latter option – I’m so busy at the moment I’m not going to get a chance to go to the post office for a few days.
Kustom PCs are one of the best companies around for customer care. I’ve been amazed at how Graeme has sorted out my problems, responding to emails at all times of day, and even on Sundays. Go buy your shiny PC modding kit from them.