Biking with Jack!

Biking with Jack!, originally uploaded by samwebster.

We cycled to the park (and around it several times) and home again for the first time today. He had a few spills in the park but he’s flying along on the bike!


FuelBelt, originally uploaded by samwebster.

These long runs are starting to get really long. This is the first time I’ve taken energy drink, water and a gel.

My long run moves up to 29km next week and then 32km two weeks later. I’ve got four 32km runs scheduled before Dublin.

I’m going to need to buy another box of gels.

Worn away

Worn away, originally uploaded by samwebster.

I’d not looked at the soles of these shoes for ages. That left shoe shows the difference between my right & left leg actions when I run. The right leg has to do more work than the left as the left weakens. I’m working in the gym to change this (and therefore become more efficient and faster).

I reckon when I wear down my next pair of shoes the difference won’t quite be as great. I’m getting through lots of shoes!


Working!, originally uploaded by samwebster.

My job is fun. I was walking this skeleton around the School of Medicine. No-one else wanted to take the lift with him.


DSC_0024, originally uploaded by samwebster.

I love this. Walking this weekend I tried to teach Jack (Indiana Jones) some map reading skills. He wasn’t convinced that I had any idea of where we were or what we were doing.

Me & Toby

SS851343.JPG, originally uploaded by webster.susan.

And my sister (Toby’s mum). This is from my mum’s Flickr account. Sounds good, right? I uploaded it for her.

Upload more photos to Flickr, mum! You take loads and have a very nice MacBook. Maybe I should buy you the new iLife, as iPhoto 9 has a button to let you upload automagically.

Race prep

Race prep, originally uploaded by samwebster.

1kg of pasta and 8kg of ice. That should do it.

Daddy’s shoes

Daddy’s shoes, originally uploaded by samwebster.

I’ll be wearing these in Tewkesbury on Sunday, so Annabel’s breaking them in for me.

New Orleans Voodoo

2009-04-28--Voodoo Doll
Do you like that? Jo brought me back a voodoo doll from New Orleans (she was at an anatomy conference there last week). This thing is horrible. It’s much more horrible in real life and this photo doesn’t capture the tackiness or the nastiness of whatever this thing is stuffed with (coconut hair?). I’m tempted to take it to this morning’s exam to sit and hold it against my chest with a mad, mumbling gaze. I’m not sure the already freaked out first years would find it as funny as I would, though.
Jo and I try to bring back the worst gifts we can find for each other when we travel. I don’t see how I’m going to beat this.

Bradley’s cake

Cake in use, originally uploaded by samwebster.

I think everyone liked the cake. I think Kim did an amazing job. Its probably not a great time to start up a new cake making business though, eh?