Long term

Cycling in Scotland
The first term of the academic year is a long one, from the end of August when our new first years start, to the end of December when we get a decent break. It’s not really a term these days, just part of a semester, so that’s old thinking on my part but I’m looking forward to the Christmas break. It feels like a tough time for the new students, who have a batch of formative exams (the scores don’t really count and the exams are to show them how they will be assessed but it can still be quite stressful) in the week before we break up and it’s a tough time for the staff after a hard summer.
We have a whole bunch of things on the go, with the deadline for this new textbook just over the horizon in 2014, a contract for a second edition of Embryology at a Glance on my table (that should be an interesting update if all goes to plan), exams being written, a new anatomist due to start in January, many things are being updated, some new things are being tried out, plans for the 2014 racing season are being laid down and a hunt for some new sponsors and adventure should start soon. On top of that Blizzard just gave me a key for the closed beta of Hearthstone; a ridiculously addictive online World of Warcraft based card game that is killing any efficiency I had. Steam had a great sale at the end of November so I already bought myself all my Christmas presents and enough gaming to keep me going for a year (Skyrim for £3.74!?)
Christmas is coming and 2014 will not be far behind it!